What is Peachplex?

Peachplex.com is a site for you to store, and easily access all of your favorite links. You can share your links with your friends by directing them to your Peachplex page. Now you can easily open and close tabs guilt-free knowing your links will always be saved for you on Peachplex.

You can go to any computer, any phone or mobile device and your links will all be there for you once you login. Creating an account is easy and always free. So go ahead, give it a try; and enjoy the ease of having Peachplex keep your best links ready when you need 'em, where you need 'em.

Peachplex is currently in beta and is activly being developed. This means that you may notice more features, as well as changes to the look-and-feel of the site on a frequent basis. Our number one goal in mind is our users, so if you have anything to say about these changes, or any comments about the site in general, please reach out to us at admin@peachplex.com.

Happy Clicking!
~The Peachplex Development Team