Peachplex considers itself to be free advertising for other websites. By being featured on Peachplex, many users will see your site every day, and thus be redirected to your site, giving more exposure and more traffic to you!

If you would prefer not to have a link to your site on Peachplex, then send us an email to and we will take down the link to your site right away.

Adversley, if you would like to be featured on Peachplex, and we consider your site to meet our criteria, then we would love to have a link to your site on Peachplex! Just send us an email to with an icon that you'd like us to use for your link, and we'll put you up on Peachplex no problem!

Peachplex offers the option for sites to increase their ranking on the initial Peachplex page. Say you end up at the bottom of the page. Users won't see you right away, like they will the links in the top row. Peachplex allows you to bid for higher spots on the page.

Here's how it works: Say you want the very first spot on Peachplex's home page. Make us an offer. If no other offers stand, you automatically get that spot for 1 month, guarenteed. At the end of that month, your spot becomes fair game once again. If no offers come up at the end of the month, you keep your spot until another offer arises, lucky you! But as soon as a higher offer than your initial offer comes in, we will notify you and you will have a chance to counter offer. If you don't outbid your opponent, you lose your spot and they get to keep it for a month, and so on.

But regardless of being outbid, as long as you want to be part of Peachplex, you will always be somewhere on the Peachplex page. It just may not be where you'd like.

For all other purposes, contact the Peachplex Development Team at